We are dedicated to the fascination of new endeavors that contribute to the world we live in, to ideas that should become real and independently growing.

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What is given? What potentials are out there? What is at our disposal? Some answers seem to be obvious, but understanding tends to grow with the re-observation of the site. Further discovered coherences sharpen the senses.  Switching the perspective sets up new objectives. This new objectives trigger the development of new solutions for the achievement of new goals. The following samples either support such research or are its result.

> mtms - metamorphosis, bunker conversion, berlin

> dctc - digital cube test center, tu berlin

> lwhb - ludwig wolker haus, berlin

> cvdd - campovida community management system

> tswm - expanding horizons


> zgwk - ziegelwerk b, urbanization, bernau

> gstk - town houses, glienicke

> hpvp - hasso plattner ventrues, potsdam

> eoff - elastic offices


> lcrm - le corbusier remastered

cvdd campovida community management system

CAMPOVIDA is a holistic concept for the development of an environment for a community, supporting it's healthy and conscious lifestyle - a concept for a skilled environment.

We all have dreams and desires. What we dedicate our lives to is idiosyncratic and very personal, but it is, above all, health that is a precondition for all we do in our pursuit of happiness. 

However, health doesn’t only relate to the physical state of our body, which can be maintained through physical exercise, good nutrition and conscious living. It also relates to our psychological state, which derives from our daily experiences, at work, home and during our leisure-time. 

The developed concept of a skilled environment  assembles a list of services to provide in one place, coordinated by a holistic health concept, structured into topics:

I. physical well-being oriented services

II. mental well-being oriented services

III. social well-being oriented services

The main tasks of the concept are:

>    Improving the human environment and raising consciousness for a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.

>    Increasing the accessibility of such services to a greater number of citizens from all social classes.
>    Enhancing the social awareness of its members by allowing them to pursue common goals, promoting and facilitating engagement in the operation of the community.
>    Securing the economical sustainability by establishing a profit making model for all stakeholders.

CAMPOVIDA is to become a community of people committed to their neighbours and their own health by applying the aforementioned concept.  The community would consist of members offering various health-related services and clients. The providing members are organised into a cooperative as shareholders of the CAMPOVIDA. In addition the company would manage and coordinate the operation of this community. It would invite and educate the participants and it would also organize promotional events, take care of the maintenance of the community facilities and oversee the common operations of the shareholders.